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About stoves

What is unique about HUUM sauna?

HUUM stoves’ minimalist and rounded design makes them some of the most elegant sauna stoves available. Thanks to an exceptionally high stone capacity they provide mild and long-lasting steam similar to traditional saunas. Little metal is used in the stoves, so the heat comes mainly from the stones and not from heated metal. This means there are more negative ions in the air, which are known to be beneficial for health. Using the stove together with a UKU Wi-Fi controller allows you to heat your sauna comfortably from your mobile phone.

What size saunas are HUUM stoves suitable for?

Among HUUM stoves you can find suitable models for both small and big sauna rooms with volumes ranging from 106-1236 ft³ / 3-35 m³.

How do I choose a stove with the right output?

Stove output should be chosen based on the sauna room size and insulation.
As a rule of thumb, you need 1 kW of power to heat 1 m³ of the sauna room.
If the stove is too small it will heat the sauna too slowly, it won’t provide enough steam and it might burn out quicker. However, a stove that is slightly too powerful won’t cause trouble if it has a thermostat and it is used correctly.

The second important thing to consider is how the sauna room is insulated. In case there are any uninsulated brick, tile, glass or log walls in the sauna room, an additional volume of 1.5 m³ for each m² of such wall should be added to the sauna room size calculation.

You can use our sauna calculator to find out the volume of your sauna room. To calculate it yourself, multiply the height by the width and the length in meters. Then calculate the sum of uninsulated brick, tile, glass or log surfaces (m²), multiply it by 1.5 and add it to the previous result. As a result, you will have your sauna room volume in m³, based on which you can choose the suitable stove output. If the result falls between two different output values, we recommend choosing the bigger one.

How long does it take to heat the sauna?

If the stove is the right size, the heating speed is about 10°C per approximately every 8 minutes, reaching 80 °C in one hour.

What kind of stones can be used with HUUM stoves?

We recommend using natural and rounded sauna stove stones. In our selection, we have olivine diabase stones, which are light grey, rounded and with high heat capacity. Do not use decorative stones in the stove because they can easily break.

What material are HUUM stoves made of?

HUUM stoves are made of stainless steel. Read more about the production on the Craftsmanship page.

Where are the stoves produced?

All HUUM products are made in Estonia.

Where can I buy HUUM stoves?

On the Find a store page you can find stores, online stores and sauna building companies that sell HUUM stoves.

How long is the guarantee?

All HUUM sauna stoves have a 5-year guarantee.

What is included in the set?

The set includes the stove and adjustable legs (HIVE) or wall mount (DROP). The set does not include: stones, controller, power cable.

Who can install the stove?

Only a certified electrician should install the cables and connect the stove to the power supply.

How can I replace my existing sauna stove with a HUUM stove?

Does your current sauna stove work with a controller or is it a mechanical stove?

If you have a sauna stove with a controller with a temperature control function, just replace the stove. Install the stove according to the product installation manual and with the help of a certified electrician.

Do you have a mechanical sauna stove without a controller (the switch is on the stove)? In that case, you will need a controller with temperature control function and you will need to set up some cables. Follow the instructions from the product installation manuals and do it with the help of a certified electrician. You might need to open up some walls and install new cables.

Which kind of wiring will I need?

You will find the instructions for installing cables from our product installation manuals. Cables need to be installed by a certified electrician.

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