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HIVE installation


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HIVE installation

Check before installation
  1. Check if the power of the main fuse matches the parameters of the stove.
  2. Does the output (kW) of the stove match the volume (m3) of the sauna room? In case there are any uninsulated brick, tile, glass or log walls in the sauna room, an additional volume of 1.5 mshould be added to the sauna room for each square meter of such wall.
Positioning the stove
  • Pay attention to placing the stove in a way that prevents dangerous situations during its use. Make sure people do not have to pass it too closely when it is hot.
  • The inputs of the power cable are on the bottom cover of the stove.
Connecting the stove to the power supply
  • Only a certified electrician is allowed to connect the stove to the power supply!
  • A rubber insulated HO7RN-F cable or an equivalent must be used as the connection cable.
  • NB! It is forbidden to use a non-heat-resistant cable with PVC isolation as the power cable.
  • The joint box must be waterproof and it must be located up to 20 in / 50 cm from the floor.
  • We recommend connecting the unit to the mains without an earth-leakage circuit breaker.
  1. Open the cover of the stove’s electrical box.
  2. Attach the power cable on the terminal block according to the circuit diagram.
  3. Close the cover.
  4. Fix the cable on the output with a cable strap.
  • HIVE requires 551 lb / 250 kg of 2-3.9 in / 5-10 cm stones.
  • HIVE with an air tunnel requires 463 lb / 210 kg of 2-3.9 in / 5-10 cm stones.
  • HIVE Mini requires 331 lb / 150 kg of 2-3.9 in / 5-10 cm stones.
  • HIVE Mini with an air tunnel requires 243 lb / 110 kg of 2-3.9 in / 5-10 cm stones.
  • Read more about how to stack the stones correctly.
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