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HIVE Wood installation

Positioning and installation of the sauna stove
  • Installation of the sauna stove must conform to all local normative documents, including the applicable national and European Union standards relating to the installation, including EN 15821:2010.
  • Before installing the sauna stove, check the safety distances in Table 1. Safety distances A, B and 1200 mm above the stove are given for combustible materials.
  • If you are going to install the stove in a niche composed of non-combustible material (stone, concrete), leave at least 100 mm between the wall and the stove for air movement.
  • In the case of a double heat barrier reduce the safety distance for combustible materials to 1/2 in the case of a single and 1/4 in the case of a double heat barrier. The heat barrier is considered within the safety distance, and the difference between the outer surface and the protected area must be at least 30 mm.
  • Install the sauna stove on a non-combustible surface with the required carrying capacity.
  • Do not place electrical equipment and wiring in the safety area of the sauna stove.

Installing Hive Wood 17 LS to be heated from another room
  • The furnace bushing of the sauna stove must be made through a non-combustible wall (stone, concrete, etc.).
  • In addition, insulation with mineral wool or similar is recommended.
  • Leave at least 10 mm between the bushing and the stove to facilitate the movement of air, so add 20 mm to height D and width C in Table 1 when you calculate the dimensions of the opening.
  • If the floor in front of the furnace is made from combustible material, install fire-resistant floor protection in front of the furnace door. The protection must be 600 mm wider than door width C, with a depth of at least 400 mm.
Connecting the sauna stove with the chimney
  • The sauna stove must be connected to the chimney only by specialists.
  • The flue gas outlet is at the top of the HIVE Wood sauna stove. The sauna stove is connected to the chimney using special flue pipes.
  • The elbows of the connection tubes must be smooth to keep draught loss to a minimum.
  • The tube is inserted through the wall of the chimney and sealed with mineral wool.
  • The flue gases of the stove must be directed into a separate flue. Do not use a common flue with other furnaces.

Important! Forced extract ventilation may cause problems with the ventilation of the room and inadequate furnace combustion, therefore, designing and building such a ventilation system is permitted only with the supervision of a licensed specialist.

How many stones do I need?

HIVE Wood 13 kW: 198 lb / 90 kg of 2-3.9 in / 5-10 cm stones

HIVE Wood 17 kW/ 17 kW LS: 287 lb / 130 kg of 2-3.9 in / 5-10 cm stones

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