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Problems with controllers


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Problems with controllers

The temperatures differ on the remote control and sauna thermometer

Some difference in the measured temperature is considered normal because of the measurement uncertainties of the devices. If the difference is more than 10-15 degrees you should check your temperature sensor and sauna thermometer.

  1. Are the temperature sensor and sauna thermometer placed in different parts of the sauna room where temperatures are actually very different?
  2. Is the temperature sensor too close to the heater? Too close to the door? The best place to install it is on the opposite wall from the heater approximately 15 cm from the ceiling and away from ventilation tubes and windows.
  3. Does your sauna thermometer work properly?

You probably need to replace your temperature sensor when even after fixing all the above-mentioned issues:

  • the temperature difference is more than 20 degrees
  • the temperature displayed on the remote control changes very suddenly or keeps fluctuating
  • the message “Sensor error” is displayed

There could be a problem with the cable connection.

Take down the sensor and try connecting it to the main module using another suitable cable. If the sensor works, you just need to replace the cable. If it still does not work, the sensor needs to be replaced.

In these cases, please contact us at

The remote control display does not turn on

In most cases, this happens when the cables of the remote control are not connected correctly.

  • First, you should make sure that all the cables are connected to the main module according to the scheme in the installation manual. This should preferably be done by a certified electrician.
  • Also, check if any cables attached to the remote control have come loose. If after checking all the cables the remote control still doesn’t work, please contact us at
The controller does not establish a network connection

If your Wi-Fi controller still does not connect to the network, take a picture of the error log displayed after pressing “Connect”, and e-mail it to us at

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