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Using the stove


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Using the stove

What is the correct way to pour water onto the stove?

Pouring water onto the hot stones in the stove is how you can regulate the humidity in the sauna. To do this right, wait until the stones are hot enough to make the water evaporate. In order to prevent the stones from breaking you should use hot tap water. The water should be as clean as possible and you should avoid using very hard water or water that is high in iron. We recommend throwing approximately 250 ml of water at a time. If you need more steam, wait a few minutes and throw some more water on the stones. Doing so allows the stones to dry and regain the heat between the pourings. If you notice water running out from the bottom of the stove, it means you have poured too much water or that the stones are not hot enough.

How often do the stones need to be replaced?

It depends on how often do you use your sauna. If you use your sauna 3 times a week, you might need to replace the stones about once a year. If you use the sauna less, you probably should replace the stones every couple of years. To understand if the stones need changing you should check their condition once a year or after 300 hours of heating. Read more about it in the stones chapter.

Electric stove maintenance
  • Pay attention to your stove’s condition, especially if it has not been used for a while.
  • Check the condition of the stones once a year or after about 300 hours of use.
  • Clean the stones when necessary and replace them when they have started crumbling. Read more about it in the stones chapter.
  • When you are cleaning or working on your stove, make sure the power supply is disconnected and the stove isn’t hot.
How often do the heating elements need to be changed?

Heating elements need to be changed only when they break.

Can I use my electric stove if a heating element is broken?

You can verify if heating elements are broken by removing some stones and checking if the heating elements turn red during heating. If a heating element doesn’t turn red, it is broken. When this happens, the broken heating element needs to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, you risk breaking also the functioning ones. Only an authorized electrical engineer can change the heating elements.

Where can I buy spare parts for HUUM stoves?

You can buy spare parts for HUUM stoves from our resellers. On the Find a store page you can find stores, online stores and sauna building companies that sell HUUM stoves.

How to heat the wood-burning sauna stove HIVE Wood
  • Empty the ash drawer before using your sauna stove.
  • Start out with something small and easy to burn like a newspaper or some small pieces of dry wood. Add more wood as you go.
  • HIVE Wood can only be heated with wood logs. For Hive Wood 13 logs with a length of 30 cm are the best. For Hive Wood 17 you should use logs with a length of 40 cm.
  • By opening and closing the ash drawer you can regulate the amount of oxygen in the combustion process. The ignition requires more oxygen, so it is advisable to keep the ash drawer open by about 10 mm. When the wood is already burning close the ash drawer a bit more so that it remains open by about 2-3 mm.
  • Keep the furnace door closed during heating and open it only to add firewood.
  • Take a look every now and then to see if more wood needs to be added.
  • When the sauna feels hot enough, it is ready for use.
  • Continue adding wood for as long as you wish to keep the sauna hot.
  • Avoid overheating the sauna stove. You are overheating your stove if the furnace case starts glowing red. Overheating causes the metal to deform and HUUM is not responsible for this defect.
  • In the case of overheating, the ash drawer and the furnace door must be completely closed to stop the combustion process. If possible, cut off airflow to the room.
HIVE Wood maintenance
  • Choose the right stones for your stove. Any natural granite stones or special sauna stove stones sold at hardware stores are suitable HIVE Wood.
  • Empty the sauna stove’s ash drawer before each heating since it is used to adjust the draught.
  • Clean the heating surfaces of the sauna stove regularly, at least once every 20 uses.
  • Check the condition of the stones about once a year or after 300 hours of heating. When necessary, replace the stones (read more in the stones chapter).
  • At least once a year, it is necessary to clean the chimney and the flues.
  • If the sauna has not been used for a long time, have a specialist check the furnace, grate and ash drawer condition before heating the sauna stove. If necessary, arrange for the condition of the chimney and the flue to be checked as well. Also, if necessary, allow the specialist to undertake further cleaning.
How to keep the sauna clean?

Between heatings, when the sauna is not hot and there is still a lot of humidity, unwanted bacteria may start thriving in the sauna. To avoid this, it is important to take care of the cleanliness of the sauna. Here are a couple of tips for keeping your sauna clean.

  • Always take a quick shower before starting your sauna session.
  • Before taking a seat on the sauna bench put something under you, like a towel or a special sitting mat that can easily be cleaned afterwards.
  • Clean the sauna room, the sauna bench and the shower room (don’t forget the drains) regularly with a disinfecting detergent.
  • After using the sauna open windows and doors to let the rooms dry.
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