CORE electric sauna heater

Electric sauna heaters

  • Customizable design
  • Minimal safety distances
  • Control from the mobile app
  • Warranty 5 years


CORE electric sauna heater offers flexibility and style. It can be customized to suit your sauna design and comes in two options: CORE Black and CORE Body. If you prefer a ready-made solution, the stylish CORE Black, with its sleek black metal casing, is a great choice. However, if you want a personalized design, the CORE Body model without a case allows easy customization with ceramic tiles, stone, glass, or wood. You can also choose from different colored cover slats for the top rim and wooden side panels. Plus, the heater’s small safety distances allow for various placement options, including embedding it into the sauna bench. Despite its compact size, the powerful CORE sauna heater quickly heats up the steam room and provides a gentle steam experience.

The set includes
  • electric sauna heater
  • adjustable legs
Heater additionally needs
Design options
  • You can choose a control panel that suits the interior design of your sauna: GLASSCLASSIC, or WOOD
  • The UKU control system set already includes a black plastic control panel CLASSIC Black.
  • Unfinished model of CORE electric sauna heater can be touched up with wooden panels that are available as accessories:
  • The sauna heater is supplied with a black or a metal tone cover slat of the top rim. Contact your local distributor for further information on available choices.
  • As a design option, the CORE sauna heater can be embedded into the sauna bench:
  • the sauna heater may be embedded into the sauna bench in its full length
  • top of the sauna heater should not lie lower than the surface of the sauna bench
  • air movement underneath the sauna bench should not be obstructed
Smart control system
Soft steam
Long-lasting relaxation
Stainless steel
CE certificate
Safety and control
Made in Estonia


CORE sauna heater was born to offer alternatives

Development of CORE sauna heater was centered on freedom of choice. Discussions with sauna fans and collaboration partners across the world revealed the desire for a sauna heater that would convey the personality of its owner. We played around with the thought, and switched to product development.

We created an efficient sauna heater that does not require massive safety distances. It is therefore also suitable for small apartment saunas. In addition, the CORE electric sauna heater can be completely embedded into the sauna bench. Each sauna has its own character, and this applies to CORE sauna heaters as well. Its finishing touch may be based on wood, stone, ceramics or even glass. However, we did not allow any cut-downs on the steam – it is still pleasantly mild.

Made in Estonia

HUUM app enables one to heat the sauna from a smartphone

HUUM mobile app allows you to heat the sauna from your phone, wherever you are. It doesn’t matter whether you are heading home from the office, finishing your evening jog or simply wish to have an unplanned rewarding sauna evening with your friends – just a few clicks on the smartphone, and a hot sauna awaits you!

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