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What is best for your sauna?

To find out which sauna stove is suitable for you, please insert below the requested information and preferences about your sauna. What are the dimensions of your sauna room? Do you prefer your stove installed on the floor or on the wall? Would you like to control your sauna only from the control unit or also use the remote control function through the mobile app?
What unit would you like to use?
Dimensions of sauna (ft)
Multiply the height by the width and the length in feet.
Do you have a glass door?
Non-isolted walls (ft²)
In case there are any uninsulated brick, tile, glass or log walls in the sauna room, an additional volume of 52.98 ft³ for each ft² of such wall should be added to the sauna room size calculation.
Type of sauna
Do you prefer electric or wood-fired sauna?
Stove location
Choose the location of your sauna stove.
Stove control
How would you like to control your sauna?

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If you exit calculator, you can come back any time and find out what is best for your sauna
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