Sauna controllers and UKU control system – what to consider before making a purchase?

Updated September 29, 2022

Sauna controllers and UKU control systems

UKU sauna control system enables one to heat the sauna with a few clicks and to configure its temperature from the wall-mounted sauna control panel or through the mobile app. It is possible to connect the UKU control system to the sauna lighting/ventilation and a vaporizer. There are two variations of the control system: UKU Local and UKU WiFi.

Features of the UKU control system:

  • timer
  • child lock
  • door sensor
  • suitable for sauna heaters with a capacity of up to 18 kW
  • controllers are available with different color and style options
  • the control system is compatible with electric sauna heaters from various manufacturers


What is the difference between UKU Local and UKU WiFi models?

These are variations of the UKU control system. The only difference between UKU Local and UKU WiFi resides in whether the model is based on using solely the control unit on site, or also permits using the remote control option. UKU Local enables one to heat the sauna and to configure relevant functions from the control panel that is mounted to the sauna room wall only, while UKU WiFi also supports the utilization of the HUUM mobile app. UKU WiFi needs a connection with a WiFi network.

Which control panels can be used with HUUM electric sauna heaters?

HUUM sauna heaters are operable with controllers of different manufacturers on the presumption that they are certified and have the integrated temperature adjustment function. The capacity of the sauna heater should remain within the range established by the manufacturer of the controller.

Can the HUUM electric sauna heater be used without a remote control?

No. A prerequisite of using HUUM electric sauna heaters is a controller that has a temperature adjustment function. Our sauna heaters are not equipped with an ON/OFF button.

Can HUUM sauna heater control panels be used with heaters from other manufacturers?

Yes, if the sauna heater supports using a controller and has a temperature adjustment function. It would be too complicated with mechanical heaters, and we don’t recommend doing it.

Do HUUM sauna heater controls work with combi heaters?

Yes. Instructions for installing the controller and connecting it to a combi heater are provided in the user manual of the UKU sauna control system: HUUM UKU user manual.

What is included in the UKU sauna control system set?

UKU sauna control system set contains all the components that are necessary for mounting and using the control system:


  • Sauna control panel CLASSIC Black. (GLASS or WOOD sauna control panels can be purchased separately)
  • Main module 
  • Temperature sensor
  • door sensor
  • Cables for temperature and door sensors 
  • Connection cable for the control panel.

Where should the heater control panel be installed?


The sauna control panel must be installed outside the steam room. It is recommended to mount it at the user’s eye level next to the door of the steam room.


The main module must be installed in a dry place that is easy to access. It is not recommended to mount the main module in the steam room – the user is solely responsible for installing the main module in the steam room.


When installing a UKU WiFi sauna control system, it is vital to ensure that WiFi coverage is available at the location chosen for the main module.

More detailed information is provided in the section “Installation of UKU sauna control system”.

What kind of heater controls are available at HUUM?

Our product range includes sauna controllers with wooden, glass, and plastic enclosures of different colors.


WOOD sauna control panels are handcrafted and made of thermo-treated ash. Each controller has a unique wood pattern.


The selection of GLASS sauna control panels includes black GLASS Black, reflecting GLASS Mirror, and golden GLASS Gold.


CLASSIC sauna control panels are available in different colors. You can choose between black, white and gray.

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