What kind of maintenance do HIVE Wood and HIVE Heat wood-burning stoves need?

Updated July 14, 2022

  • Choose the right stones for your sauna stove. Natural granite stones or special sauna stones sold at hardware stores are suitable for wood-burning HIVE Wood and HIVE Heat sauna stoves. Our product range includes round olivine diabase sauna stones with a diameter of 2-4 in (5–10 cm) that are suitable for these sauna stoves.
  • Empty the ash drawer before each heating since it is used for adjusting the draft.
  • Clean the heating surfaces of the furnace regularly, at least once after 20 uses.
  • Check the condition of sauna stones once a year or after 300 hours of heating. When necessary, replace the stones (learn more from the section “Sauna stones”).
  • At least once a year ask a specialist to clean the chimney and the flue.
  • If the sauna has not been used for a long time, the furnace ducts, the grate, and the ash drawer should be checked and cleaned before heating the sauna stove. It is also recommended to inspect the condition of the chimney and the flue and to ask a specialist to clean them when necessary.

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